An adaptive reuse of the town’s original Sears and Roebuck department store, the re-purposed, mixed-use building has been carved out to create a series of loft apartments, commercial and retail spaces in the heart of the old Mercantile District of Bowling Green. This two-story structure has been preserved, with it’s polished concrete floors, exposed roof structure and other elements restored. This character is contrasted by addition of modern amenities and furnishing for the loft apartments, it’s extra tall ceiling creating an airy feel, especially for the balconies overlooking the new Roebuck Square. The steel beams and columns of the original Sears and Roebuck extend from the building and frame the new Square below, weaving the two together. The community spaces known as Tower Commons, shared with the adjacent Armory Lofts, add to the accessible public space available to residents across the SoDo District.